The Niagara Regional Science and Engineering Fair started in 1962 and has continued to grow for over 50 years through recognition by education institutions and the public, student participants and awards. Students who live in the Niagara Region and are in grades 5 through 12 are eligible to enter.

There presently exists an extensive awards program. It is the result of participation of donors that include educational institutions, associations, businesses, and individuals who give their financial support and encouragement to ensure the success of each year’s Fair.

At the Awards Ceremony (held a week or so after the Fair), awards are presented to students whose projects obtained high marks in each age category (Juvenile, Junior, Intermediate and Senior). The top Junior, Intermediate and Senior winners are eligible to compete at the Canada Wide Science Fair, held at a different location in Canada each year.

In addition to the Category Awards, there are numerous “Special Awards” given to students whose projects have not only earned high marks, but have met specific criteria set by the sponsors of these awards. These projects are judged by representatives of the award’s sponsor and/or members of the NRSEF Awards Committee.

The Niagara Regional Science and Engineering Fair (NRSEF) wishes to thank our many sponsors and donors who have made it possible for the NRSEF to reward excellence. Their generosity allows us to present over 100 trophies and monetary prizes to our participants.